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Hippophae rhamnoidescommon sea-buckthorn, is a species of flowering plant in the family Elaeagnaceae, native to fixed dunes and sea cliffs in Europe and Asia. It is a spinydeciduous shrub

H. rhamnoides can grow 2–4 m (7–13 ft) high. The leaves are alternate, narrow and lanceolate, with silvery-green upper faces. 

The oval or lightly roundish fruits grow in compact grapes varying from pale yellow to dark orange and weighing from 0.2 g to 1 g. The plant has a very developed root system that can maintain the soil on high slopes. The roots live in symbiosiswith actinomycetes. This relationship permits fixation of nitrogen from the air. They also transform insoluble organic and mineral matters from the soil to more soluble states. The rhizomessucker rapidly to produce new colonies.

The Greek rhamnoides means "resembling buckthorn". As the buckthorns are in a different family, and the common name sea-buckthorn can refer to more than one species, it is preferable to refer to this plant by its unique Greek name.

Hippophae rhamnoides is a native plant throughout Europe, including Britain, from Norway south and east to Spain and Asia to Japan and the Himalayas. It is grown as an agricultural plant in Germany, France, Finland, India and China. China is the largest agricultural producer. The origin of the plant is Nepal and it migrated to other parts of Eurasia after the last Ice Age.

It is also cultivated as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks.



- is a powerful antioxidant - it fights free radicals, rebuilds cells and slows their aging

- acts regenerative and anti-aging on the skin, makes it more flexible and improves its structure

- prevents atherosclerosis, lowers blood cholesterol levels, improves circulation and the heart

- stimulates the immune system, helps fight infections and germs

- assists the digestive system, metabolism and treatment of diseases of the stomach, duodenum, pancreas, liver and intestines

- anti-inflammatory action

- improves the working of the brain and nervous system

- promotes wound healing, used to eliminate scars and discoloration on the skin

- prophylactically reduces the risk of malignancies

- restores the body after chemotherapy and serious illnesses

- improves mood and acts as antidepressant, adds energy and vitality

- provides the skin's natural protection from the sun

The fruits are used fruit for medicinal purposes, rarely leaves.



Common sea-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)

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Hippophae rhamnoides (common sea-buckthorn) Hippophae rhamnoides (common sea-buckthorn)
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Country of origin : Czech Republic



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