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Species of annual plants of the plantain family (Plantaginaceae). It comes from the Mediterranean region. 






This is a unique soluble fiber with zero energy. It gently cleanses the digestive system and regulates bowel movement. it is an effective means in case of constipation and diarrhea. Its regular use reduces the risk of colon cancer and rectal cancer. It does not contain sugar or gluten. It can be used by vegans and vegetarians. It is not addictive and does not irritate the intestinal mucosa (as is the case with other laxatives). Psyllium can be used long-term.

It is a natural product without any chemical additives. It is created by clearing covers of seeds of the psyllium plant.

In the digestive system psyllium increases its volume by up to 40 times and is covered with mucus, causing a feeling of satiety (helpful for weight loss). However, its main activity is the treatment of disorders of harmful toxic pollutants. The mucus contained in psyllium's egg-shaped shell promotes the development of beneficial intestinal microflora. During the increase in volume the mucus absorbs excess fluid - acting as a piston removing the intestinal toxins and carcinogenic contaminants. They act as gel and are absorbed in the intestines, thereby reducing their contact with the mucosa of the stomach and intestines. 

It ensures proper bowel movement, helping peristalsis. It also helps to maintain good condition of the body, resulting in increased metabolism. The complexion shows visible improvement. Well-being is visibly improved.


Psyllium - 1000g (1kg) Psyllium - 1000g (1kg)
Price: 74,90 zł

Weight : 1000g (1kg)

Contents : dried herb (seed covers)

Country of origin : EU

Psyllium - 100g Psyllium - 100g
Price: 11,38 zł

Weight : 100g

Contents : dried herb (seed covers)

Country of origin : EU

Psyllium - 500g Psyllium - 500g
Price: 39,50 zł

Weight : 500g

Contents : dried herb (seed covers)

Country of origin : EU



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