Stevia - pure extract 95% - 100g

Stevia extract 100%
Stevia - pure extract 95% - 100g
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STEVIA - pure 95% extract - 100g


Plant description

Stevia is a perennial plant with exceptionally sweet leafs that has for a long time been used as a natural sweetener. It comes from South America and is known to people for thousands of years. It is originally derived from the subtropical climate of South and Central America.



- it has zero calories

- it is sweeter than sugar (sucrose) circa 250-450 times

- soluble in water and alcohols

- can be used for cooking and baking due to the high temperature resistance

- remains stable in acid and alkaline liquids (pH 3-9)

- preserve shelf life for a long time

- because it is not a sugar it does not cause tooth decay

- safe for diabetics - does not raise blood sugar levels

- safe for people with phenylketonuria (PKU)

- does not ferment

The following are also attributed to its medicinal properties - combats fever, headaches, asthma and inflammation of the mouth.


Product characteristics

Healing parts: leaves

Contents: pure 95% extract

Country of origin: Germany

ClassificationStevia Rebaudiana

Weight: 100g


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