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Plant description

Acai berry is a fruit of a tree growing to a height 15 m in height. It comes from the tropical areas of South America and is now widely distributed in the tropics worldwide.

Acai berries resemble small grapes, but contain a single large seed and very little pulp. The tree bears fruit twice a year, producing grape groups ranging in number from a few to several, each containing from 500 to 900 berries.

The flesh of this fruit forms the very foundation of the Amazon jungle inhabitants diet and by weight comprises of up to 42% of all food. It is used in traditional Brazilian cuisine.

Acai berry is a wealth of amino acids, fatty acids, microelements and vitamins.

It gained its popularity - especially in the US - in the 90s of the twentieth century, thanks to an established weight loss properties. In May 2009, Bloomberg Agency alerted that the growing popularity of the juice of this fruit in the United States is "depriving Brazilian jungle dwellers of a protein-rich nutrient they’ve relied on for generations" ..



- helps lose weight by speeding up metabolism and thus increasing energy expenditure incurred by the body - improves fat burning

- as a powerful antioxidant it significantly slows down the aging process and strengthens the immune system, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, has antibacterial properties

- cleanses the body of toxins, gives skin a healthy and youthful appearance

- improves the function of the cardiovascular system and digestive tract

- improves concentration

- has a beneficial effect on the improvement of eyesight





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Acai berries

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