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Plant description

Long-living deciduous tree growing up to 35 feet tall with characteristic fan-shaped leaves. It occurs on Earth for 200 million years!

Today it grows throughout Asia, China, Japan, North America, Australia, New Zealand. In Europe it is often grown as a tree decorating parks and avenues.

It is particularly resistant to harmful environmental factors (pests and diseases, air and water pollution, ionizing radiation).

Surowcem leczniczym są liście, z których przygotowuje się wyciągi wodno-alkoholowe.

Its leaves are used for medicine mostly by preparing hydro-alcoholic extracts.



Thanks to the glycosides and terpene flavonoids contents ginkgo has many beneficial health properties:

- has a beneficial effect on the blood and cells, improving blood circulation (especially in the brain tissue),

- reduces blood viscosity, thus improving the utilization of oxygen and increasing the ability to concentrate, learning and memorize,

- dilates blood vessels,

- it is a powerful antioxidant so:

- reduces oxidative stress tension,

- protects the brain from damage caused by the presence of free radicals,

- improves the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain cells

- usprawnia krążenie obwodowe dzięki czemu wpływa na zmniejszenie bólu przy poruszaniu się, łagodzi występowanie drętwienia i mrowienia oraz uczucie zimnych kończyn

- significantly increases mental alertness (affects memory and concentration),

- improves blood supply to the cochlea in the inner ear, reducing tinnitus and dizziness,

- improves peripheral circulation so that it reduces pain during activity, relieving occurrence of numbness and tingling and the feeling of cold limbs


- Impairment of memory and concentration difficulties

- a sense of inner chaos

- increased irritability, emotional lability

- dizziness

- imbalance as well as blurred vision and cataract

- states of confusion and anxiety

- Alzheimer's disease

- depression

- impairment of brain function in old age

- impotence

- prevention against myocardial infarction, cerebral embolism

- weakening of the heart muscle





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Ginkgo Biloba

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