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Myrrh - 50g

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Product characteristics

Contents: dried resin juice

ClassificationCommiphora myrrha

Weight: 50g


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MYRRH - dried resin juice - 50g



Plant description

Dried resin juice obtained from Commiphora myrrha - a species of plant in the family of wild plants growing wild in Africa (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia) and the Arabian Peninsula (Oman, Yemen). The plant itself spews out the fragrant resin called myrrh, after bark incision the resin leaks increase, the leaking juice - after some time the resin hardens into rubbery gum-resin broths - can be from yellow to brown.



- used as a painkiller for hundreds of years

- the content of sesquiterpene compounds has an anti-tumor effect

- thanks to its decontamination and antibacterial properties it has found application in the decontamination of skin, cuts, for liquidation of boils, abscesses and acne

- facilitates and increases the secretion of digestive juices, stimulating the digestive system to function properly 

- has antifungal activity and, at the same time, high effectiveness in the treatment of fungal infections, especially female sexual organs and mycosis of the feet

- supports the treatment of cough and asthma, effectively combating microorganisms that cause respiratory tract infections as well as inflammation

- soothing and healing effect, accelerating wound healing and damage, improves the appearance of the skin

- because of the normalizing effect on sebaceous glands - supports skin care, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging skin

- shrinks blood vessels, pores and sebaceous glands, inhibits the secretion of sweat, facilitating stopping bleeding

- supports hemorrhoids treatment

- reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood

Myrrh is a common ingredient in incense, relaxing and stress relief - helpful in treating mental balance, fatigue, depression and in eliminating stress.





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